Master's Thesis:

Generations Apart: Cultural Revolution Memory and China's Post-80's Generation on the Chinese Internet - posted to UMass Boston's ScholarWorks.

Completed and defended Spring 2013.
For a detailed abstract, please click here.

Undergraduate Thesis:

"The Human Flesh Search Engine: Democracy, Censorship, and Political Participation in Twenty-First Century China"

In order to best view my thesis, I have uploaded the .PDF file to Google Documents. To view, simply click on this link. Please e-mail me if the link fails to work or you require another means to access it.

It has also been posted to UMass Boston's ScholarWorks: click here.

My undergraduate honors thesis began in the spring semester of 2009. Through the help and guidance of my dedicated departmental adviser, the thesis grew into a work of over seventy pages that I was extremely proud of. Research began in the spring of 2009 and continued throughout the upcoming summer. Historical research included utilizing Chinese web forums, Chinese news articles that I worked to translate, international English-language news articles, and scholarly research primarily focusing on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, an event that I made ties to. Major writing began and finished in the subsequent fall semester, with the thesis defense taking place right before the end of term that December.

Wordle word cloud based on most used words in my thesis.